Tokyo plane crash killed three

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Update: Tokyo plane crash killed three- The crash occurred in the residential area of Chofu, Japanese broadcaster NHK said.

According to report, five others, including the three remaining passengers and two people on the ground, were taken to hospitals, but their conditions were not immediately known.

The plane left from a nearby airfield flying to Izu Oshima Island, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Tokyo in the Pacific Oceanand crashed moments after, according to the Tokyo Fire Department.

The crash occurred in the residential area of Chofu. An eyewitness Minako Akiyama said, she first heard enormous noise of something being torn.

Japan NHK media released an aerial image of the plane’s tail section still recognizable, lying upside down in the wreckage.

“Tokyo plane crash footage shows a mangled plane, broken up with its tail upside down, resting on a crushed car in a residential lot as dozens of firefighters battled the blaze and treated the victims.” CBC report.

“There was kaboom! I ran upstairs, then I saw the house just over there on fire, with a tail of the plane sticking out of it.”

It was unclear whether there were any casualties other than the two men and one woman killed. Tokyo Fire Department spokesman Teruaki Seki said the dead included the pilot, one of the four passenger and a woman who was inside the house where the plane crashed into, setting it ablaze.

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