Iran draft deal for United Nation access

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Draft deal for United Nation access- Comprehensive agreement for Iran sites, a fully access of United Nations.

Iran had undertaken research and experiments geared to developing a nuclear weapons capability.

Parameters  for comprehensive agreement between Iran and six major powers,  April 2015, access to all suspect Iranian sites.

This imposed limits on  Iranian nuclear programme, strict inspections  to nuclear weapons impossible and easily detectable.

President Obama said “Today, the United States, together with our allies and partners, has reached an historic understanding with Iran, which if fully implemented, will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

Iran insisted  United Nations Security Council arms embargo and ban on its ballistic missile program , be lifted immediately if an agreement is reached.

According to the source,  Iran and the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency  agreed on a plan to address outstanding questions about the possible military dimensions of past Iranian nuclear activity by the end of 2015, adding that some sanctions relief would be conditioned on Tehran resolving this issue.

United States insisted  Iran to meet the demands of the UN Security Council to suspend its enrichment program.

In exchange United Nation access, Iran has been offered “a long-term comprehensive arrangement.

This would allow the development of relations and cooperation with Iran based on mutual respect, establishment of international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of the program.

IAEA Director General Amano  said,  Iran did not provide sufficient access or information to resolve a dozen issues related to the possible military dimensions of its nuclear program, giving only very limited information on only one of those issues

Interviews and surveys show that the majority of Iranians in all groups favor their country’s nuclear program.

According to reports, an agreement is near and creditable supported by evidence . Diplomats are looking forward for the approval of the draft.


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