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MMA titled Kinberly Novaes pregnant during fight

17 Aug , 2015  

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On May 17 fight, Kinberly Novaes was roughly 12 weeks pregnant when she defeated Renata Baldan via unanimous decision.

Kinberly Novaes was supposed to fight Jones-Lybarger on Aug. 21, but that event was canceled upon the discovery of her pregnancy. During a physical examination, Novaes discovered she’s nearly six months pregnant when she was unable to lose the requisite pounds for the fight against Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger.

Kinberly Novaes did not realize she’s carrying a baby boy when she was in the training for six months, and won her strawweight gold.

“We did a morphology ultrasound last week and the doctor said I’m 24 weeks pregnant, almost six months, and my baby is healthy and strong,” Novaes said. “I was worried because I trained hard, fought, cut weight. I suffered a lot to make weight for my last fight, couldn’t dehydrate properly, and I was already training to fight again next week, but the doctor said everything is fine.”

Noxii promoter Bruno Barros takes full responsibility for that having happened as the promotion is not governed by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA).

“I didn’t ask for the exam. That’s the truth,” Barros said. “I didn’t even think about the possibility of a woman fighting while pregnant, going through a camp and dehydrating and everything.”

“That was my first event,” he added. “I asked for HIV and hepatitis tests, but some fighters didn’t send me the results. I didn’t pull them out of the fights because they all wanted to fight. Some fighters claimed they had no money to pay for the tests, others said they didn’t have time to do it, but that’s my fault that I let them fight anyway. But thank God everything is fine with the baby.”

Perhaps the revelation of Novaes’ pregnancy will alter Noxii’s blood testing protocol going forward.IMAGE/facebook

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