SEA Games 2013: Host party Myanmar to tighten security

15 Aug , 2015  

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Myanmar host SEA Games in 2013, Myanmar tightened security measures under the bom blast ideas.

  • Series of bomb blasts in a week, which reportedly killed two people and injured three others.
  • Complete SEA Games results posted the just concluded event.

A home-made time bomb exploded on the ninth floor of the 22-storey Traders Hotel in Yangon, October 14 and wounded a 43-year-old American woman. Hours later, another small bomb went off at a hotel restaurant near Mandalay, according to reports.

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Reportedly, six explosions have hit hotels, a Buddhist pagoda, and restaurants in Yangon and two regions north and northeast of the city, the authorities in Myanmar said.

No one had claimed responsibility for detonating the small, homemade bomb in the Yangon hotel, according to The Associated Press.

In connection with a series of bombings in Yangon Region during the Sea Games meeting, “police arrested the suspect on his motorbike on Belin-Natgyi-Phapun Road.” said Police Lt-Col Win Ko, deputy chief of Mon State Police Force.”

The 27th Southeast Asian Games 2013 was a successful event/ SEA Games were posted on designated sports event board. the concluded SEA GAMES was scheduled in December 11, 2013, held in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar, as well as in other main cities, Yangon, Mandalay and Ngwesaung Beach.

SEA Games with headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand is a biennial multi-sport event or happens every two years, involving participants from the current 11 countries of Southeast Asia. The games is under regulation of the Southeast Asian Games Federation with supervision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia.

Country host Sea Games 2017 will take place at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2017. The Kuala Lumpur SEA Games 2017, officially known as the 29th Southeast Asian Games (Malay: Sukan Asia Tenggara ke-29) and commonly known as Kuala Lumpur 201

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