Cesar Montano, new lead actor of “Nilalang”

Maria Ozawa in “Nilalang” had new lead actor for the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival entry.

After Robin Padilla backed out from movie “Nilalang” in August to take care of his wife Mariel Rodriguez who was pregnant that time, 53 year-old actor and film director Cesar Montano replaced as the new lead actor. Montano will joined Japanese actress and former porn star Maria Ozawa in the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Nilalang”.

Currently, Cesar Montano is has started shooting with co-stars and as Maria Ozawa prepared for big role in the horror film got an airbrushed tattoo on her upper chest. The movie is directed by Pedring Lopez and Ozawa’s first movie in the Philippines. She will play as the heiress to a Japanese organized crime syndicate and Cesar’s leading lady.

In statement of Haunted Tower Pictures, “The film tackles the underbelly of corrupt Philippine cops with the Japanese ‘Yakuza’ and its links to a centuries’ old curse that may be be responsible for the spate of serial killings happening in Manila.”

Robin Padilla, supposedly paired to Ozawa quit to join the film for the delicate pregnancy of his wife. Maria Ozawa then called Robin “unprofessional” for backing out of the project and stuck to her opinion even after Mariel had suffered a miscarriage. Padilla’s manager then send apology to said incident and asked to understand actor’s decision upon choosing family first, as attending to Mariel’s need.

“The decision to withdraw from the film has been very difficult for Mr. Padilla and VCM team. This cancellation has been a collective resolution of Vidanes Celebrity Marketing and Mr. Padilla and Haunted Tower Productions are not at fault in any way. We acknowledge that we hold no claims or rights to this movie whether it is produced or not. “On behalf of Mr. Robin Padilla and Vidanes Celebrity Marketing, we would like to ask to the producers and the public for their understanding and kind consideration,” announced Robin’s manager Betchay Vidanes via a post on Robin’s Instagram account.

Cesar Montano who replaced Padilla showed excitement, he posted pictures together with co-stars on his Instagram account. He been into acting career for many years and received numerous acting awards Panaghoy sa Suba (The Call of the River), José Rizal, Muro Ami (Reef Hunters) and Bagong Buwan (New Moon). Aside from acting, he is also known for his singing career. In 2000, released his music album Subok lang or Just try. He also engaged in politics, filed candidacy for Governor in his home province Bohol in 13 October 2009, however lost the 2010 local election. IMAGE/Cesar Montano’s Instagram account

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