Singapore: Detention for man who filmed police woman in toilet

A man in Singapore was on Wednesday ordered to serve a two-week short detention order and nine months of day reporting for filming a police woman in a toilet cubicle. (Getty Images)

Singapore: Detention for man who filmed police woman in toilet — A Singapore man who filmed a female police officer in a toilet cubicle was ordered on Wednesday to serve a two-week short detention and nine months of day reporting, according to reports.

Ling Jia Hui, a 23-year-old contractor hired to lay phone line cables, was working part-time at New Phoenix Park Tower in June of 2012 when he spotted the 28-year-old police woman walk into the female toilet located next to the lift lobby.

Mr. Ling reportedly waited for his victim to enter the cubicle, then used his iPhone to video the officer by placing it over the top of the cubicle.

But the woman saw the iPhone and shouted, causing Mr. Ling to then flee the toilet and go back to his office on the 10th floor, believing he had gotten away, according to a Channel News Asia report.

He didn’t realize the CCTV had captured him when he followed the police woman into the toilet.

Mr. Ling reportedly faces another charge of trespassing into a female toilet.

In a separate incident in May of 2012, he insulted the modesty of a woman by calling her and asking about her bra size.

The court reportedly heard in mitigation that Mr. Ling suffers from paraphilia, a condition characterised by “recurrent sexual fantasies, urges and behaviour”.

A medical report cited by the defence said Mr. Ling has had the urge to call his casual female friends since 2010, talk to them, and pretend to be another person claiming he had their upskirt photos.

In addition to the short detention and day reporting orders, the court also asked Mr. Ling to comply with treatment at the Institute of Mental Health.