World War 3 Is Inevitable

World War 3 Is Inevitable: Unless the U.S stops meddling in the South China Sea standoff, China stated.

U.S drawing the line of negative reactions from China, performed surveillance mission over the West Philippine Sea on Saturday, with the chief of its Pacific Fleet on board

US government undeniable support to the undeclared 51st state, Philippines,  shows of patriarchal or father and son relationship not only as a Major Non-NATO Ally.

According to a leaked document in 2013 from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines is the 51st U.S. state.

US Embassy in Manila stated, “that making the Philippines the 51st U.S. state would much cut the embassy’s workload in processing tourist for Filipinos.”

Historically stated- beneficially close and extremely friendly and has also been described as a Special Relationship to the Philippines as so-called extended domain.

U.S drawing the line between Philippines and China
The recent Spying over mission was conducted a day after Swift assured US allies in the region that American forces are prepared to respond to any contingency in the South China Sea.

According to Vice Adm. Alexander Lopez, chief of the Armed Forces Western Command, “the surveillance effort is beneficial to the Philippines and the region. The said mission was conducted within the international airspace and over international waters,” Reported.

“It’s good for us. It’s a way to check what the Chinese are doing in our backyard. It’s good for the region,” he said in a text message.”

Australia sets to drill a new deep-water exploration for natural-resources regardless of the mounting  tense territorial dispute between the Philippines and China , the said venture is the SC 55 consortium cost $24.5 million or P1.1 billion to drill the Hawkeye well.

“Australian-Filipino consortium is set to drill a new deep-water exploratory well in the resource-rich West Philippine Sea, hoping to tap a commercially viable oil reservoir, a lawmaker revealed yesterday.” report said.

On July 15 Google quick move altering its map of a disputed reef in the South China Sea Tuesday, removing its Chinese name in favor of what it says is its internationally recognized moniker.

“We’ve updated Google Maps to fix the issue. We understand that geographic names can raise deep emotions which is why we worked quickly once this was brought to our attention,” Google’s office in Manila said in a statement., Google stated.

Former US Military Base to re-open the facility next year to further boost its capabilities. Defense department spokesman Peter Galvez said the Philippines would station aircraft and naval vessels at Subic Bay’

‘US China Relations and China V. Philippines’ Image credit: Asian Defence Blog

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