Study found out older sister weigh more than their younger counterparts and slightly taller. First-born sisters were found to be slightly taller than the younger one’s, however more likely to be more overweight. In the study conducted, height, weight, lifestyle and family history being included in the data collected as bases. Reasons for differences between […]

Big hole in the ground discovered in Negros Oriental, getting bigger due to continuous rainfall. A sinkholes was found along the Hagtu-Tagukon area in the boundary of Mabinay, Negros Oriental and Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. This hole in the ground usually caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer. I may also form in […]

Study shows drinking water contributes apparent weight loss effects. Drinking water before meal found to be great effect of losing weight. New study published in the journal Obesity, shows drinking water half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner may help with weight loss. Drinking water is essential to humans and other lifeforms to work […]

Online dictionary updated current definitions of English words, adding thousands of new words on the lists. Online Oxford dictionary added thousands of new slang words on their list as part of their update. New words including “manspreading”, which means that when a man sits with his legs wide apart on public transport, “bants”, short for […]

After football quarterback involved in scandal, now faces challenge in marriage with wife Gisele Bundchen. Tom Brady, 38 year-old American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League who is considered among the greatest quarterbacks of all time faces stress in marriage life. His marriage with Gisele Bundchen, 35 year-old Brazilian […]

Mask of Zorro actor shift fashion design, enrolled in an elite fashion school. Antonio Banderas, 55 year-old Spanish actor, director, and producer currently enrolled at Central St. Martins. A prestigious public tertiary art school in London, England which offers full-time courses at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and even variety of short and summer courses. […]

Part of her fourth concert tour, Swift didn’t miss to sing “All of Me” onstage with R&B singer John Legend. Taylor Swift, 25 year-old American singer-songwriter and actress just performed with all time favorite R&B singer, songwriter and actor John Legend onstage as part of her 1989 World Tour at L.A.’s Staples Center on Tuesday, […]

A tragic killing of news reporter and a photojournalist while conducting live interview, live on air. Alison Parker, a 24-year-old news reporter and 27-year-old photojournalist Adam Ward were killed by a gunman. The tragic killing of two US journalists occurred 26 August 2015, Wednesday morning, while conducting a live television interview to Vicki Gardner of […]

A three-time Junior Olympian is fighting for his life after contracting deadly amoeba. A deadly brain-eating parasite acquired by a star athlete from Texas. He is now fighting for his life at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. A three-time Junior Olympian, experienced headache and pain in his neck after swimming in a lake. It was […]

Couple died, found unconscious inside their vehicle in Las Piñas positive of poisoning. After thorough investigation, couple who found dead inside their vehicle positive from oxalic acid poisoning. It is an organic compound, colorless crystalline solid that forms a colorless solution in water. An excessive ingestion of this compound or even prolonged skin contact can […]

Prime Minister of Thailand will visit Philippines, aims to strengthen relations. Thailand PM Prayut Chan-o-cha will have his first visit in Philippines. The 61 year-old Prayut Chan-o-cha is a retired Thai army officer after serving as Prime Minister of Thailand. A warm and friendly relationship of both countries, established in 14 June 1949 as Thailand […]

Omega-3 supplements to keep the brain young still uncertain, study shows. Fish oil contained omega-3 fatty acids known to reduce inflammation in the body, and have other health benefits taken from he tissues of oily fish. It was thought to be beneficial in treating hypertriglyceridemia, and possibly beneficial in preventing heart disease. Peru is the […]

British stage director Jonathan Church announced succeeding Andrew Upton as artistic director of STC. Jonathan Church, 48 year-old married and a father of four is a British stage director. He is appointed as new artistic director of Sydney Theatre Company, an Australian theatre company based in Sydney, New South Wales formed in December 1978. The […]

Pop boy band will temporarily go on hiatus in March 2016 for a year, after fifth album. One Direction, an English-Irish pop boy band based in London confirmed to take a break in March next year to pursue solo careers and will return after a year. They will separate after completing their fifth album and […]

gun attack

Two children including a six-month-old baby and police officer killed in a shooting at Roma camp. A gun attack killed three members of the same family in Roma camp, Tuesday. The incident happened after gunman open fire on a Roma traveller camp in northern France, six month old baby was among the said victim of […]

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor looking forward to visit refugee centre, hit by violent protests. Angela Merkel, a 61 year-old German Chancellor since 2005 and a former research scientist will visit Heidenau, in Saxony, Wednesday. With intention to meet police, volunteers and refugees at the emergency shelter in a disused DIY store. Authorities believed that planned shelter for […]

TV host-actress been rushed to hospital after experienced sudden high blood pressure, revealed almost suffer stroke. Kris Aquino, a 44 year-old mother of two, Filipina television personality and actress been hospitalized after experienced sudden high blood pressure. She is named as Queen of all media, gained prominence and numerous endorsements from her talk shows, game […]

Comedy actor denies issues on giving gift to wife Leanne Li, an expensive condo. Wong Cho Lam, 35 year-old Hong Kong skilled performer, stage actor and director, television actor, voice actor, DJ, television host, composer, lyricist, script writer and singer denies issues involving a gift of expensive condo given to her wife. He is currently […]

Southern Taiwan now faces an outbreak of deadly disease, transmitted through mosquito bites. Dengue fever outbreak in Southern Taiwan, reported thousands of infected patients. Since May, Taiwan seen hundreds of dengue fever cases increased caused by ongoing hot and humid weather. It has believed outbreak hit due to a combination of urbanization, population growth, increased […]

A Sunday noontime show ASAP 20, all about music turns out to be a game show now. Martin Nievera, 53 year-old Filipino singer, songwriter, and actor clarifies his comment regarding recent tweet about new format of ASAP 20. He is one of the main hosts of Sunday musical variety show on ABS-CBN, which turn out […]

American fashion designer re-releases his 10 best-selling pieces, as celebrating milestone in business. Alexander Wang, 31 year-old fashion designer celebrates his 10th anniversary in fashion industry. He is the former creative director of Balenciaga, a European fashion house. For 10 years in designing, Wang has been very successful and famous, marked with his creations. Way […]

Most provinces in the country will soon to experience drought, felt between September and October this year. El Niño is considered as one major problem by Filipinos. It can create food-price and generalised inflation, reduce agricultural output and trigger social unrest in commodity-dependent poor countries that primarily rely on imported food. Epidemic diseases may also […]

New study found blood pressure drugs to extend lives of patient suffering from deadly cancer. Ovarian cancer common for women that starts from the ovary, results in abnormal cells. This cells have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Symptoms include bloating, pelvic pain, and abdominal swelling. Women who have […]

Former US President battled cancer, still having regular Sunday school teaching at his home church. Jimmy Carter, 90 year-old American politician and author is fighting cancer. He is the 39th President of the United States, with great contributions and been a good leader. Loving his hometown, he keeps a regular Sunday school teaching at Maranatha […]

Filipino Nurses been infected of deadly virus in Saudi Arabia, cases expected to rise. MERS outbreak in Saudi Arabia increased fears upon spreading the so-called deadly virus. Currently, a new case been reported, involving 4 Filipino nurses found infected with MERS Coronavirus. They were working in the same hospital, acquire virus upon exposure to patients […]

UPDATED: Popstar Ariana Grande First time performance of American singer in Philippines, went successful. Popstar Ariana Grande, a 22 year-old American singer and actress live solo show at Mall of Asia Arena, 23 August 2015, Pasay City on Sunday went very successful. The concert is part of her Honeymoon Tour in support of her second […]

The annual festival in the city of Davao, went very successful yet a peaceful celebration. Kadayawan Festival 2015 in Davao City, Philippines marks the 30th Kadayawan celebration from August 17 to 23. It honors artistic, cultural and historical heritage, past personified by the ancestral Lumad people in the city. Festival held every third week of […]

Another outbreak of the deadly virus hit Saudi Arabia, new cases of MERS creates fear and chaos. News cases of MERS or Middle East respiratory syndrome reported in Saudi Arabia. Since 2012, viral disease that has infected more thousands of people and killed more than 480 in the kingdom, and implicated outbreak in the country […]

After several trial involving death of transgender named Jennifer Laude, accused admits killing. The 19 year-old United States Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton admits responsible upon the brutal killing of 26 year-old transwoman Filipina Jennifer Laude, 11 October 2014 in Olongapo, Philippines. Pemberton found unaware that Laude was transgender, until incident happened. The killing […]