At least 31 people killed in Turkey attack

At least 31 killed and 100 wounded in Turkey attack.-On Monday July 20, Turkey Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu plans to increase security along a Syrian border after an apparent suicide attack that killed atleast 31 people and 100 were wounded.

Turkish officials called a terrorist attack on the said incident. The explosion occurred at midday at the Amara Cultural Park in Suruc.

Most of the dead victims were university students who were planning to enter Syria to help rebuild Kobane, which was occupied by ISIS for months before being recaptured by Kurdish forces in January.

Kobane has seen heavy fighting between IS militants and Kurdish fighters.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu suggests ISIS is responsible of the said attack.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglo said in a conference, “Turkey attack has taken and will continue to take all necessary measures against Islamic State.”We have convened with security officials and planned the steps that we will be taking” he added.

A group of young students were holding slogans, federation’s flags and a large banner with the words: “We defended it together, we are building it together.”

Then an explosion blasted the assembled youngsters.

Fatma Edemen,22, wounded victim said speaking as she headed to a hospital for treatment. “We just heard from the cops that it was a suicide bomber,One of my friends protected me. First I thought `I am dying’ but I was OK. I started to run after I saw the bodies.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the Turkey attack.

He said, “Terror doesn’t have a nation, race or homeland, That is why we have been consistent in underlining the need for a global effort to fight terror.”

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