Newlywed bride, latest victim of lightning in Colorado

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A thought of happy ending, ends to tragedy as newlywed bride hit by lightning.

Lightning in Colorado strikes a newlywed bride Kathleen “Katie” Bartlett, 31, married to Ryan Pocius, Denver Botanic Gardens, last Saturday.

The newlywed couple had a fairy tale come-true, decided to have outdoor honeymoon, as tragedy ends their story.

The couple was hiking, Friday in Chaffee County days after their wedding as they had their sweet outdoor honeymoon. The last day fell victim to lightning.

Newly bride was the first lightning victim in Colorado this year. Kathleen hiking towards Mount Yale as the lightning hits her, actually killed her.

Bride Kathleen “Katie” Bartlett, died after being struck by lightning  was a great teacher in STARS Early Learning Center.

Her husband Pocius, 32, critically injured due to lightning, however, released from hospital. Until this day, Pocius is recovering his injury at their home.

Currently, Colorado recorded as one of the most active in lightning strikes. This year, more lightnings than the past years under summer skies and unsettled spring.

Lightning that hits the couple, explained as mostly originate on the ground and end in the thundercloud, called ground to cloud lightning.

Some lightning strikes on the ground,  bulk of lightning events are intracloud , where discharges only occur high in the atmosphere.

Strikes produce severe injuries, with high  mortality rate, high percentage of survivors sustaining long-term injuries.

Studies shows that severe injuries are not usually caused by thermal burns,  muscles may be directly damaged by the high voltage. Lightning can affect the brainstem, which controls breathing.

It must be observed as lightning can strike without rain, if thunder occurs then there is a risk of lightning.

One of the safest place to hide during lightning is inside a building or a vehicle.IMAGE/

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