On board Vladimir Putin, diving in a mini-submarine

Russian President spotted on board, diving a mini-submarine to the bottom of the Black Sea.

Vladimir Putin, 62 year-old President of Russia since 7 May 2012 explored underwater riding a mini-submarine, Tuesday. He explored the bottom of the Black Sea to inspect the remains of a Byzantine trading ship, dated back to the 10th Century.

Under mission, Putin sits on board, plunges into the Black sea along the coast of Sevastopol, Crimea and go down 83 metres to see the remains of the Byzantine trading ship. He took control of the three-seat submersible vessel, part of a Russian Geographic Society expedition researching Crimea’s ancient trade route.

On the radio, Vladimir Putin stated, hoped the discovery would shed light on Russia’s ‘historical development’,’83m is a pretty substantial depth… It was interesting, shipwreck. Shipwreck which was discovered off the coast of Sevastopol by Russian divers is still to be investigated by experts.
I have to say that there are not that many similar remains like this in the north of the Black Sea.’

His dive riding a mini-submarine should help attract publicity and donors to the important work being done by the Russian Geographical Society to study “how our state was built, including in this region.”
Such research is important “in order to understand the development of ancient Rus’s relations with its neighbors, as well as the development of Russian statehood,” President Putin told reporters.

Aside from his political career, Vladimir Putin is an outdoor lover, sporty, tough guy, a public image, demonstrating his physical prowess and taking part in unusual or dangerous acts. He also attracted to extreme sports and interaction with wild animals. He is often seen on outdoor activities with Dmitry Medvedev, seen alpine skiing in Krasnaya Polyana. He promotes sports and healthy way of life among Russians. IMAGE/AP


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