Solar powered car on the roads of Afghanistan

19 Jul , 2015  

UPDATED: Afghan engineer has created a solar powered car over the past two years. Wahidullah Sabawon, an electrical engineering graduate, designed the two-passenger car at a cost of only 5,000 USD.

Blue colored awkward-looking vehicle is a basic model with no air bags and no storage space. It has a very tight, small compartment for the driver and the passenger.

The only issue in his Solar powered car invention is the overheating of the brake fluid in scorching temperature, ultimately resulting to loose of control in maneuvering the vehicle. In fact, it already has resulted to its vehicular accident.

Wahidullah is the brainchild of the country’s first solar powered car. The eco-friendly vehicle was assembled with the parts from a Kabul market and it was a purely self-funded project.

He believes the car can be mass-produced to make it affordable to all Afghanis, according to reports.
The vehicle can run consuming its reserve energy for about seven hours at an average speed of 50km per hour.

The completion of this innovation was not an “easy-peasy-japanesey” for the electrical engineer. My brother struggled for almost two years and many hurdles came along the in order to complete this dream project, Munibullah said.

Wahidullah faced number of challenges to reach the finish line, most notable financially and lack of equipment.
Meanwhile, he had to sell his own car so he can support the ongoing production.

Even that wasn’t enough so then began to knock on doors to raise the funds. His efforts bear fruits when an online friend donated $1,000 to complete the Solar powered car project.
He hopes that this invention will contribute to a brighter future for his underdeveloped and war-torn homeland.


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