Powerful blast in northern Cairo, injured policemens

A huge blast early in the morning at northern Cairo, destroyed building and wounding six policemen.

Powerful blast in northern Cairo occurred early in the morning, 20 August 2015, Thursday, district of Shubra al-Khaima. The attacked believed possibly targeting state infrastructure. A blast near a courthouse and a state security building, resulted damaged including nearby homes.

No immediate reports of deaths from the said blast in northern Cairo, however injured six policemen. Rumors came up upon responsible of incident, claimed by a local affiliate of Islamic State that calls itself Sinai Province. Primarily targets military personnel and policemen. The group found responsible in many attacks in Egypt.

Egypt’s interior ministry stated, “A man suddenly stopped his car in front of the state security building, jumped out of it and fled on a motorbike that followed the car, car exploded wounding six policemen.”

The al-Neel hospital has received 27 injured, including officers. “All the cases are in a stabled condition,” “Most of their injuries are not serious,” said Dr Sherif Seleem, deputy manager of al-Neel hospital.

The blast in northern Cairo comes after Islamic State claimed a deadly car bomb attack, July. An attack targeting Italian consulate in downtown Cairo. Militants affiliated with the Islamic State, behind many of the recent bomb attacks in Cairo.

Plastic surgeon Gawad Mahoud while inside his clinic, next door to the security building said, “We were here painting the office, and then it went off. It was like an earthquake, it blew the doors off and smashed all the windows in.”

Authorities implemented thorough investigation upon the said blast in northern Cairo. The wounded officers been taken to the hospital for immediate treatment. IMAGE/AFP


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