Thailand student committed suicide after killing partner

Thailand – A university student jumped from an apartment building in Bangkok on Sunday morning.

The 23-year-old identified as Sarawut Sangkarn jumped from an outdoor deck of an apartment building after allegedly killing his roommate in Bang Kapi district. He was a fourth-year student at a university in the same district and was in a relationship with the other victim whom he allegedly killed.

Sarawut suffered a fractured skull, broken left arm, broken left leg and broken neck, and he was dressed in a white shirt and blue boxer shorts, local media reported. After the incident, the police authorities conducted an investigation at his place and they found the body of his roommate lying dead covered in a pool of blood.

They were living on the fifth floor of a nine-storey building on Happy Land Road in Khlong Chan area since February. The victim had multiple stab wounds on his body specifically in the trunk and occiput regions. He also suffered a knife wound to his neck and a 5-inch knife was found at the crime scene.

The victim identified as Thanwat Chat-in, 21-year-old, was a second-year student at the same institute. A common friend of the deceased told the investigating officials that the pair had been in a special relationship for about four years. Before the tragedy, Sarawut sent a message via Facebook to the friend around 3 am that stated: “Come and knock on my door. If there is no response, force the door open.”

The friend, who lived on the ninth floor of the same building, saw the message at 7am and he immediately went to victim’s room. When he arrived at Sarawut’s room, he knocked on the door and he waited at the stairs near the room. Soon after, Sarawut emerged from the room with blood on his clothes, and immediately went to the floor deck and jumped to his death.

The investigation is underway but police believe that Sarawut might have killed his partner due to jealousy before taking his own life. IMAGE/