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Singaporean convicted of cyberstalking US singer Ramm

A Singapore court convicted Colin Mak Yew Loong on Tuesday of charges relating to the six-year cyberstalking of U.S. singer Leandra Ramm, as well as other charges.(Image: leandraramm.com)

Singapore — Colin Mak Yew Loong, the Singaporean who cyberstalked U.S. singer Leandra Ramm for six years, was convicted Tuesday of criminal intimidation, harassment, criminal trespass, and theft in Singapore.

The 38-year-old Mak admitted to 31 counts of criminal intimidation of Ms Ramm from 2005 to 2011.

In addition to the charges of harassing the 29-year-old Ms Ramm, Mak also admitted to 11 other offences, including intentional harassment, criminal trespass, and stealing biscuits from a kindergarten, said reports.

He had targeted two other foreign musicians for the offences of harassment and criminal intimidation.

In both of these instances, he had developed fixations on two women, aged 28 and 30.

The prosecution asked for a sentence of two to fours year in jail, noting the offences were committed over a long period of time, and calling it an “aggravated case involving numerous charges,” according to reports.

The stalking began in 2005 when Mak saw Ms Ramm on a CNN program and contacted her, purporting to champion her music career.

When Ms Ramm stopped responding, Mak started sending her death threats by email and voice messages.

These continued up to 2011, when U.S. authorities sought the help of Singapore police.

Mak told the court he deeply regrets his actions, saying he was “deeply troubled” and had lost control at the time.

Mak can be jailed up to seven years for criminal intimidation, and fined on each count.

A sentencing date is scheduled for December 13.

Ms Ramm sings mainly in theatre and opera performances, and has released several albums.

She made public her ordeal with Mak several times, according to reports.

She wrote an e-book in 2012 titled “Stalking A Diva” which details the threats Mak sent her, many of which were abusive and sexually explicit in nature.

Her cyber stalking story appeared in an episode of the TV show “My Life Is A Lifetime Movie” in November of 2012.

Her ordeal will also be featured in an upcoming segment of “Obsessions: Dark Desires” on the Discovery Channel.