PM Tony Abbott led the Flight MH17 ceremony

PM Tony Abbott led the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 ceremony, Australia’s national memorial service was held in Parliament House in Canberra.

A plaque was unveiled by Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Friday, with the names of the 38 Australian victims.

The list of victims Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: 193 Dutch nationals, including one with dual US nationality, 43 Malaysians including cabin crews, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians and 10 Britons, one with whose dual citizenship.

A memorial stone has been unveiled in Grabove, the village closest to the crash site in Ukraine, ahead of its memorial service.

“In the worst of times you have displayed the strength of giants and the grace of angels,” he said.

‘We won’t forget them and we won’t abandon you,’ Mr Abbott told them, before laying a wreath at the plaque’s base with his wife Margie.

You’ve had the worst year of your life, he recognized. ‘Hardly a moment would go by when you don’t think of a parent, a child, a sibling, a friend, present in your thoughts but painfully absent from your life.’

Families of the 38 Australians and residents have gathered at a national service at Parliament House in Canberra to mark the one year anniversary of the downing of Flight MH17 in Ukraine.

Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine have asked the United Nations Security Council to prove an international criminal tribunal to try those responsible, report said.

A final report on the cause of the crash is due to be released in October by the Dutch Safety Board. The Netherlands is leading the criminal investigation and is being assisted by Belgium, Australia and Ukraine. Image/ AP

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