The End Of Human Civilization

If human specie can’t pass the type 0 civilization: The End Of Human Civilization.

The craft of your own Intelligence will get you a seat to secure your safety for the coming end.

Agenda 21-type program that has been kept away from media that only a handful beings dared to talk about. Any time soon this entry will be enclosed and sealed just like they did before. Think about what I have shared and pass it to our friends. I can’t post everything as I want. Seek the truth, it is all out there.

To everyone, be different and do not go with the majority, for the majority will vanish in the coming days. Specific individuals are working double time using religion to spread lies to shelter truth and their own plans just for the safety of the few.

The Royal bloodline is at work and working harder to make sure of the survival of human species. The Vatican keeps spending billions to keep their lies secured. The selection process has been started, for not everyone can be saved. More than 90 percent of the world’s population will vanish.

The New World Order Conspiracy, Depopulation Agenda 21 “The government have already mapped the human genome and collected all the information they need for filtration. Haven’t you ever wondered what goes on behind the Internet? It is a tool, released by the government to collect data. Anyone with a brain could figure that out.”
The rich and the few have already secured a place. Depopulation has started and soon will come to its final peak. More reading on The End of human civilization.

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