Pregnant women drinking alcohol

Pregnant women drinking alcohol in Ireland, England, Australasia, during pregnancy, most doctors recommend to  completely avoid alcohol, this is  for the benefit of the mother and most specially for the child.

World Health Organization warned pregnant women that alcohol can damage the unborn child, although there is no certain dose where it can really harm the child inside.

Researchers found out that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause birth defects. However, small amount of alcohol intake are not yet given explanation of its possible effect.

Compared to other European countries,  Irish women are more likely known of its  high percentage in terms of  pregnant taking alcohol.

Study shows that drinking while pregnant  leads to a premature birth or worst,  miscarriage. For that reason  pregnant women are generally advised not to drink.

According to the researchers, a high percentage of women questioned in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand who used to drink alcohol during pregnancy, flagging a “significant public health concern”.

Alcohol intake may affect the child inside the womb. It may cause disorder in the development of the child’s brain, thus, health benefits from drinking alcohol during pregnancy are not yet known as others may think.

Pregnant woman drinking alcohol during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. The complications increases that risk child’s life.

Women who used to  drink while they are pregnant or even when  breastfeeding also  affects  the health of their babies.

Studies shows that heavy drinking,  especially for the pregnant woman may child’s memory and their learning. Image /