Apple Watch Price Of 349 On Sale In Singapore

Apple Watch Price Of 349 dollar on sale in Singapore. The 38mm Sport comes with a price tag of $260 or 349 Singapore dollars.

18-karat gold Apple Watch Price

Aside from Singapore, the watch also goes in sale in six other countries Friday, including South Korea and Taiwan.

In fact you can order from the online Apple Store Singapore from 1:01pm, many have chosen to queue up at select shops of local authorized dealer.

According to reports, The Apple watch original thrill of using it began to dissipate after 30 days, with the watch starting to feel like a weak extension of their iPhone.

“The Watch has one problem the iPhone didn’t have. Kids have stopped using watches some time ago, so Apple has to undo this perception that watches are for old folks and out of date,” he told CNBC. “This will likely go through three versions before reaching its stride, if it ever does.”

When stores on the city’s Orchard shopping district opened their doors at 9am, a group of around 40 had gathered at the iconic ION mall. According to Yahoo news report, Across the street, around 15 people were milling outside Paragon’s iStudio store while a crowd of around 25 lined up outside luxury watch store The Hour Glass.

UK-based e-commerce company Firebox is offering blinged version of Apple’s wearable with 18-karat gold Apple Watch encrusted with Diamonds and a sapphire crystal Retina display with Force Touch and ceramic back as part of its WTF range of £150,000. IMAGE OF GOOGLE


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