US Army send out troops to fight forest fire in California

Hundreds of US troops headed California, joining to fight forest fire.

California known having dry, windy, and often hot weather conditions from late Spring through Autumn. This might result a moderate to devastating wildfires or forest fire in California, as  to continued to receive record low rainfall. For the last seven years the country has experienced a drought, and often reported cases of forest fire.

This forest fire in California can create extensive damaged.  Affecting both property and human life,  it also have negative ecological effects.  The drought conditions in the country, also dried out forests making them more likely to burn, however, some fires started because of lightning strikes. US Army rescued on recent forest fire in California. Through sending out troops that will probably join the team in fighting the wildfire.

According to authorities, US military extend help to fight forest fire in California, sending hundreds of troops to help tackle wildfires,Tuesday. Airmen from the California National Guard also been deployed together with four firefighting air tankers to help in efforts for the eighteen wildfires raging the country.

In statement of Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis, 200 troops from Washington state would receive three days’ training before heading to California to help the 12,000 or so firefighters in the region.”This is the first time since 2006 that (the Defense Department) has mobilized federal active duty military personnel” to fight wildfiresDefense Secretary Ash Carter yesterday approved the assignment of troops from the 7th Infantry Division’s 17th Field Artillery Brigade at Joint-Base Lewis-McChord in Washington to assist the National Interagency Fire Center in battling the fires.

National Interagency Fire Center claimed, two of the aircraft are provided by the 302nd Airlift Wing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, one is provided by the 153rd Airlift Wing in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and one is provided by the 145th Airlift Wing in Charlotte, North Carolina stressed efforts to fight fire in California.

In other part of California, fires can sometimes recur in areas that have had past histories of ignition. The lighting strikes from thunderstorms may also inadvertently spark wildfires in areas in the country. IMAGE/Agence France-Presse


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