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Alamo Fort, UNESCO World Heritage status

Alamo, the most-visited tourist site in Texas catching up for UNESCO World heritage status and the four other Spanish colonial missions in San Antonio have been named as World Heritage Sites.

UN cultural body awarded  San Antonio Missions in Texas as the world’s  heritage status. It was approved by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee.

The listing of the five Spanish Roman Catholic sites, this includes the Alamo fort, Texans fought for independence, in 1836,  to the death against Mexican General Santa Anna’s army of several thousand soldiers.

UNESCO World heritage status, The site was famous of 1836 battle,the time when an outnumbered band in Texas settlers tribune before Gen.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his Mexican forces seized the mission, then-victorious Texas soldiers shouted, “Remember the Alamo!”

According to UNESCO , the complexes “illustrate the Spanish Crown’s efforts to colonize, evangelize and defend the northern frontier of New Spain,”.

There are reasons for the listing of four missions, which are still used as Catholic churches, and the Alamo, a fortified church, barracks and other buildings that were the scene of the 1836 battle for Texas Independence.  Sarah Gould, said, archivist at the Institute of Texan Cultures.

Casandra Matej, director of San Antonio’s Convention and Visitors Bureau said there was no way that would happen, and noted that the United Nations exercises no “sovereignty” over other US World Heritage Sites, such as Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, or Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home in Virginia.

“The current management, how everything is managed, will stay the same,” Casandra Matej added.

“This is a designation that will draw visitors to our destination, and allow us to share our splendid missions with the world.”

Among five Spanish Roman Catholic sites, Alamo was one of this, generally recognized for its boost tourism, also known as the San Antonio Missions.