The World as a Mirror

The World as a Mirror - The realization that the world you perceive in every moment is a mirror reflecting yourself back to you can be a shocking discovery. It changes everything for you, especially how you view other people.

“Every man’s world picture is and always remains a construct of his mind, and cannot be proved to have any other existence.” - Erwin Schrödinger 

What humans call “physical reality” is actually a mirror reflection of an inner reality. It is your own inner state objectified as something that appears to be “out there” and separate from you.

But everything that you’re perceiving through your five physical senses is created entirely by your own brain/mind.

The same process is at work when you dream at night. During the dream there often appears to be a landscape, other people, and other objects - all of which do not appear to be “you”, but other things that are separate from you. And all of it seems to be absolutely real as long as you remain in the dream.

But when you awaken, you say it was just a “dream”, and all of it was taking place within your own consciousness. All of it was created by you, a symbolic objectification of an inner reality.

The same is true of so-called “hallucinations”. If two people ingest a psychoactive plant or substance, one may have a blissful experience while the other has a nightmarish one. One may have a positive, life-transforming mystical experience while the other has a terrifying experience.

What is the difference? Simply your own inner state of being. If a person is filled with positive energy, is happy and joyful most of the time, they are very likely to have a positive experience. But a person who is dominated by negative energy such as fear, worry, or stress is likely to have a “bad trip”.

Whatever is inside of you comes out, and there’s no hiding from it. The truth is being shown to you.That’s why a wise person always makes sure his inner state is ready before using these substances as an entheogen.

When you first realize that the physical world you’re seeing is a mirror, and that it’s really all about you - showing you what’s going on inside of you, it can radically change how you view life.

There’s no longer any excuse to try and blame, or judge, or criticize others, because it’s never really about them. It’s all about you. In every moment, you are looking into a mirror.

If you don’t like what is manifesting around you, the best way to change it is to change your inside. You wouldn’t look into an actual mirror, see your hair needs combing, and try to push the comb through the glass to change it. Yet this is what many people try to do, and the result is endlessly pushing against this and that and wasting a lot of time and energy.

So much easier to just change your inside - change to more positive thoughts, which will immediately change your emotions. When you do this your vibration will raise, and the outer manifestation has to follow suit, just like a mirror.

The essence of your being is non-physical. You are a vibrational being, living in a vibrational universe, and you’re translating vibrations/energy into the picture of the world you see around you. What you perceive is always a vibrational match to a vibration you have going on inside of you.

And so when things happen that annoy you, or frustrate you, do some self-reflection. What do I have going on inside of me that’s causing me to perceive this? Become aware of whatever you’re experiencing. Observe it fully, and then just let it go. Don’t judge it or condemn it. Just observe it, and then allow it to dissipate.

The more positive you are, the more you focus on the things you like, the higher your vibrations raise. The easiest way to tell where you are vibrationally is by your emotions. The better you feel emotionally, the higher your energy is vibrating.

That’s why when you’re tapped into Source/God energy you feel so much happiness, joy, and peace. When you feel enthusiastic or passionate (about anything) you’re vibrating at a high level.

Conversely, when you feel negative emotions it’s a sign that you’re out of alignment with your true nature, your inner being, your Source. You’re looking at something in a very different way from how Source views it.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice a direct connection between your thoughts and emotions, and the physical world that’s manifesting around you. It’s no accident that positive people tend to have positive things happen to them, and negative people tend to experience negative things.

Accepting whatever arises in the present moment is an excellent practice. Simply observe it, accept it, and don’t try to push against it. If you want to change something, you can do so, but do it from a standpoint of first accepting that “it is what it is”, rather than trying to resist what’s already manifested.

When you accept what arises in the present moment, you’re actually accepting yourself, because the truth is that you are what’s arising in the present moment. You and the present moment are One. The present moment is the only place where Reality is, and you are that Reality.

From the human perspective, both we and the “outer world” appear to be flawed. They are not perfect.

But from Source’s perspective, everything is Perfect precisely as it is. Source is thrilled to have the physical experience through your human form, even the things humans perceive as negative.

So there’s no need to try to become “perfect” from the human point of view. You are always already fully accepted just as you are. This is what some religions call the “grace of God” - Source’s unconditional love and acceptance of apparently “flawed” creatures.

Accept yourself just as you are, and accept the physical world just as it is. When you begin to allow everything to be just as it is, and stop pushing against things, you begin to tap into your Higher Self/Source and take on that higher perspective.

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