I have recently noticed a Mobile Facebook App just recently, I can’t blame myself of being too sluggish on anything Facebook. In fact, the Mobile Facebook app upgrade was introduced almost a year ago gearing towards Facebook as a mobile-friendly service. Several things that can’t be ignored, a slight changes but noticeable on Mobile Facebook, […]

A cat awareness celebration International Cat Day-an International event happens on #Caturday August 8, 2015 observed annually and mainly online especially the world of Social Media. An #InternationalCatDay International Cat Day was founded in 2002, by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. It was created to promote Animal welfare especially to the feline group, includes […]

UPDATED: #InternationalCatDay Why is it declared International Cat Day today? Well, not only humans deserve a celebration. International Cat Day is a celebration of felines, one of the cutest furry creatures ever walk the earth. Caturday, August 8 is a Feline celebration or #InternationalCatDay according to the Social Media, started by the International Fund for […]

Google support Philippines’ petition over disputed Islands. Google Maps, desktop web mapping service developed by Google show support and removed the Chinese name of Scarborough Shoal from the Google Map. The Chinese name removal from Google map, apparently have made the change this week after the petition was launched by Filipinos on Change.org on Sunday. “We’ve […]

Red shirts coming to Bangkok a recipe for disaster: Core member Jatuporn Prompan of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) said today that the red-shirts plan to move all members into Bangkok when they are ready, with the intention of converging on roads in the capital when the time comes. This sounds like […]

Dividing Thailand into two separate countries?: On December 27, 2013 I wrote an article titled “Opinion: Thais have 3 options in their political crisis” in which I suggested dividing Thailand into two separate countries was one way out of the ongoing political deadlock. At that time, I had never heard this idea expressed by anyone […]

Thailand crisis in stalemate: We appear to have stalemate in the ongoing Thai political crisis. The anti-government protesters continue their “Bangkok shutdown” campaign, and protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban sounds as stubborn as ever in refusing any form of compromise or even talks with the government. He has repeatedly refused to even meet with the government or […]

Thailand crisis: Scholars warn of civil war — An alliance of senior scholars and activists voiced their concerns over the political crisis in Thailand on Friday, calling for an election as well as reforms, and warning of the risk of civil war. The group calls itself “Two Yes, Two No”, is opposed to a coup […]

You couldn’t have asked for a more exciting opening round to the NFL playoff, with three of the four games thrillers that went down to the very end , or nearly so. The Indianapolis Colts’ astonishing rally from 28 points down in the 3rd quarter to beat the Kansas City Chiefs topped even the two […]