First-born sisters more likely to be overweight, study shows

Study found out older sister weigh more than their younger counterparts and slightly taller.

First-born sisters were found to be slightly taller than the younger one’s, however more likely to be more overweight. In the study conducted, height, weight, lifestyle and family history being included in the data collected as bases. Reasons for differences between first-born and those born later, still to find out.

Obesity may lead to health problems including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers issues. Based on the recent studies, first-born sisters are at greater risk of health problems, diabetes and high blood pressure on the list in later life than their siblings. “The steady reduction in family size may be a contributing factor to the observed increase in adult BMI worldwide, not only among men, but also among women, they concluded.

Dr. Wayne Cutfield, senior author of the study and a professor of endocrinology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand stated, “This study backs up the findings of three earlier studies conducted by [the research team] in adult females, adult males and children of both sexes”. Findings should not be treated as a “prediction that they will become obese, diabetic or hypertensive”.

“We found that firstborns were nearly 30 per cent more likely to be overweight, and 40 per cent more likely to be obese than their second-born sisters.”, “Collectively, these studies show that both men and women who are born first are at greater risk of being overweight or obese.”, “The differences of about 20 to 25 per cent in obesity and insulin sensitivity between firstborns and those born later are not large enough to be a major determining factor. What this information about health risks does is to empower firstborns so they can make positive choices about diet and exercise,” Professor Wayne added on study on first-born sisters to be more overweight than the young one.

Senior Cardiac Nurse at the British Heart Foundation, Maureen Talbot, said: “Since sibling rivalry can be a great motivator, brothers or sisters could use it as encouragement to eat as healthily as possible and stay active.“Being overweight or obese can make you more likely to develop cardiovascular disease so it’s important to keep to a healthy weight no matter whether you’re the firstborn or the baby of the family.” data showed that at birth, the firstborn sisters weighed a little less than their second-born sisters, on average IMAGE/ALAMY

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