Gunmen attacked Police Station in North India

Gunmen attacked Police Station in North India
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Police station in north India attacked by armed gunmen wearing dressed as soldiers, killing at least six.

A gunfight happened in north India’s police station when suddenly gunmen attacked at Dinanagar town in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, Monday, 27 July 2015.

The armed gunman was dressed like soldiers, however this is common in Jammu. There were three unidentified attackers killed by the police, pulled up in a stolen white car and automatic weapons blazing. Incident killed at least six people, local police chief was among those killed.

In order to prevent the killing and for the safety of everybody,  country’s home minister, Rajnath Singh, ordered increased security on India’s border with Pakistan. To insure security after the deadly gun attacked, as five bombs were also found in railway track.

As India’s defense minister, Manohar Parrikar, told reporters,  special forces had been dispatched to the site of the attacks. “The counter insurgency and counter terror special forces are there”.

Five armed gunmans were reportedly attacked the police station and fired bus station. This men were wearing dressed in army uniforms, came in white Maruti-Suzuki car entered police station in northern town bordering Pakistan.

In statement of executive director of the Institute for Conflict Management of New Delhi, Ajai Sahni, “This is probably linked to the movement of the 1990s, these are the Khalistanis who have done this. The remnants of that movement are still being hosted and protected in Pakistan. That is who I assume would be behind it eventually. Directions would have come from there”.

The attacked in police station caused some wounded civilians,  killed  four civilians and two policemen. Authorities implemented thorough investigation.   IMAGE/

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