Today’s best smartphones in the market

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Looking for a different experience on your phone with best budget ever? Here are some of the best smartphones available in the market, just for you.

As technology increases,  peoples demand on best smartphones also arises, thus, phone makers make sure of giving its best phone ever that will satisfied everyone’s need and demand. Currently, different smartphones available in the market with touchscreen quality which knock-on effect on smartphone form factors.

Having advanced features and mobile operating system, just like users using their own computers combined in a phone. Smartphones offer its best quality with other features, which is useful for mobile or handheld use,  features of a personal computer operating system.

One of the biggest smartphone on the list is the Nexus 6 from Google and Motorola. with great features, 6 inches, 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, all-day battery life,  QuickCharge 2.0 and having ability to handle the Android M beta,  latest Android 5.1 Lollipop update.

Apple as world’s second-largest information technology company introduced its App Store, 2008, allowing iPhone to install third-party native applications which features over a hundred of applications at launch. Being one of best seller, Apple announced that they have now sold one billion iOS devices in January 2015.

Some of Apple’s best and latest phone includes iPhone 6  4.7 inch smartphone, with excellent performance and a fingerprint scanner. Another one is the iPhone 6 Plus,  Apple’s giant 5.5-inch smartphone,  good screen and excellent battery life. The reason why  apple stand out is because it offers unique user-friendly features, and a beautiful phone body.

Smartphones also introduced, Microsoft Lumia 640,  5-inch budget phone has a nice design, good overall performance and a useful camera. A good option for any one looking for a cheaper phone. Good phone also offered by Huawei Ascend G7,  5.5-inch smartphone has a great camera and class-leading battery life, making it, top-end features at a knock down price.

Better than ever Lenovo also offers its strength in the 4G section as well. New Lenovo K3 Note,  better than many rivals who are fighting for the pole position in “4G smartphones” section. A 5.5-inches Full HD screen with an awesome PPI count of 401.

Mobile developers, targeting smartphones first for mobile app development. For users seeking good quality of phone, then, smartphones offers the best one out there in the market and the others had been mention anyway. IMAGE/

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