A Magical World

A Magical World
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You choose whether you experience your surroundings as a magical world or a hostile one. The difference is enormous, and is essentially the difference between happiness and unhappiness.

Remember when you were a child, how magical the world seemed to you? Children have recently arrived here from non-physical, and they’re still largely tapped into their Source.

But as we grow older, we’re gradually indoctrinated to believe that life is a struggle, and that the world around us is in some sense hostile. The magical world of our childhood is transformed into the dreadfully serious, stressed-out, and unhappy world of so many adults.

This dismal worldview is a self-created illusion, the result of negative thoughts and negative beliefs. Some people spend the rest of their physical lives locked in this maze, and never find their way out until the death experience takes them back to non-physical bliss and joy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Anyone can reconnect to their Source in any moment. In the end, it doesn’t really matter one way or another, because either way you’ll transition back to pure, positive energy when this human life-drama ends.

But it sure is a whole lot more fun to be tapped in now, while still in this physical form.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”
- Albert Einstein

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