Mel Gibson won’t be charged over photographer’s allegations

Hollywood actor will not face charges after no evidence found in a complained by news photographer.

The 59 year-old American actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson who is most well-known as an action hero accused by Kristi Miller, a news photographer allegedly pushed her after taking photo. Allegations over Gibson last month when Miller tried to photographed him with new girlfriend Rosalind Ross and suddenly actor yelled at her and strongly pushed her at Israeli Film Festival in Australia.

Miller, 39 year-old photographer with Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph refers Mel Gibson’s behavior towards her as unacceptable. However, Hollywood actor denied these allegations and been cleared after no evidence found against him. In this reason, he will not be facing charges from the Australian police anymore. Base on the thorough investigation by authorities that no legal action will be taken against Gibson.

Gibson’s Los Angeles publicist, Alan Nierob said: “Mel Gibson has totally denied from the onset that these disgraceful allegations were true. He is now satisfied that the police, after speaking to witnesses and reviewing CCTV footage and other evidence, have found there is no substance to the claim. The story is a complete fabrication of thee truth as stated previously,” authorities investigated.

According to Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker, “As a result of the decision by New South Wales police and the statement by lawyers for Mr. Gibson, Kristi Miller is now considering her own legal options in regards to civil proceedings.” While Gibson’s Sydney lawyer, Chris Murphy, stated: “Mr. Gibson was described by others as cool and calm throughout his conversation with Kristi Miller.”, “She is the only person who says he wasn’t. The witnesses deny there was any contact or loud voice or obscene language from Mr. Gibson.”, “Police have completed a thorough investigation of allegations made by a Sydney photographer and have concluded there is no evidence to substantiate any charge against my client Mel Gibson,” Thursday.

Defending herself, Miller stated, “I thought he was going to punch me in the face.”, “I don’t want sympathy.”, “I’m not injured but I do think that his behavior is appalling and I don’t want to pull the female card but I am a female and I don’t think a male should speak to a female that way. I will be teaching my son not to speak to a female the way that Mel Gibson spoke to me.” IMAGE/GETTY

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