Pakistan security forces seized huge explosives in Chaman

The security forces seized a bomb factory manufacturing suicide vests and other explosives in Chaman, north-west of Baloshistan province.

The Frontier Corps (FC) and security agencies conducted a raid on a tip off at a bomb-making factory in Rehman Kahol area of Chaman district, near Pak-Afghan border. The joint operation was a success as they recovered a large quantity of explosive materials. However, none of the militants was arrested at the location as they managed to escape prior to the arrival of security forces.

Arms and explosives seized during the raid include prepared suicide jackets, RPG-7 rockets, mortar shells, landmines, IEDS, detonators, ball bearings, wireless communication set, laptops and other equipment used in the production of explosives.

“Security forces also defused a large number of explosives and other material used in the manufacturing of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs),” said Wasey Khan, a spokesperson for the Frontier Corps.

In a separated raid carried out in Balochistan’s Zhob district, which borders the volatile tribal belt and neighboring Afghanistan, security forces recovered 40 kilograms of explosives and other weapons.

The joint venture between the security forces and the intelligence agencies have foiled a terror threat and saved countless innocent lives. Local authorities have stepped up the security measures to counter the uprising insurgency in the country.

Lt. Col. Zafar Iqbal, FC Operations Commander, said that each factory had four compounds equipped with high-tech laboratories where different types of chemicals and explosive materials prepared were being tested. Moreover, the maps of Pakistan and Afghanistan were kept in one of the compounds for training suicide bombers to hit desired locations.

The law enforcement agencies have intensified their actions in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan after the announcement of the National Action Plan to combat terrorism nationwide. IMAGE/demotix

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