Prisoners movie trailer watch online

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Prisoners movie trailer, watch online, over 1.3 views on YouTube:

The movie “Prisoners” took in over $7 million at the box office on opening day Friday, and is expected to rake in $20 million for the weekend, according to Warner Bros.

“Prisoners” is a Hugh Jackson-Jake Gyllenhaal kidnapping thriller that has scored a 73 out of 100 on the review website, with a perfect 100 from five publications.

“Like the kidnapping at the tortured heart of ‘Prisoners,’ once this chilling thriller about a parent’s worst nightmare grabs you, it refuses to let go,” wrote Betsy Sharkey for The Times. “Reality informs ‘Prisoners’ at every turn. French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve and screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski keep the tightly constructed terror twisting by holding it close.”

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