Reducing postmenopausal breast cancer

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Increasing the daily physical activity twice than the normally recommended, have shown tremendous positive changes and the results are more than satisfying for the health workers.

The study performed by a group of public health workers and physicians at Alberta Health Services in Edmonton, Canada.
Moderate exercise for 300 minutes per week prescribed to postmenopausal women, who were physically inactive for the past 1 year to reduce adipose tissue, especially in obese women.
In the past, body fat has been associated with increased risk of breast cancer in post-menopause.

It was expected that these women might benefit from doubling the exercise time as required by a normal individual.
Physical activity boosts immunity to engulf the microorganisms as well as decreases insulin resistance. Moreover, the beneficial effect of exercise on the cardiovascular system is quite evident and it generally improves sleep for most people.

Postmenopausal breast cancer-overall exercise is an inexpensive method to prevent or slow the progression of a number of diseases, notably Diabetes Mellitus – type II, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.
The participants received an orientation to the training facility and health instructors taught certain daily life exercises and workouts.
At the end of the study, many parameters showed marked decrease like subcutaneous abdominal fat, body mass index (BMI), and waist circumference.

The women who were obese (BMI > 30) showed stronger effects in weight, BMI, waist and hip circumference, and subcutaneous abdominal fat than the ones who were not obese.

“Our findings of a dose-response effect of exercise on total fat and other adiposity measures provide a basis for encouraging postmenopausal women to exercise at least 300 minutes per week, longer than the minimum recommended for cancer prevention,” stated by one of the authors.
More than 100 studies support fat loss is one of the important factors in reducing the risk for postmenopausal breast cancer.

For a matter of fact, people of all ages and races can benefit from more exercise and workout regime. IMAGE/

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