PHILIPPINES: Rica Peralejo clarifies her blog issue on nurses

Netizens especially nurses reacted upon the blog posted by Filipina actress, calling hospital nurse and staff ‘unprofessional’.

Rica Peralejo is a 34 year-old, married to Joseph “Joe” Bonifacio, and a mother who gave up her showbiz career to focus on her family received numerous comment after posting status on social media. The Filipina actress, singer, and television host hit by bashers who commented on her post involving hospital staff and nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital, Bonifacio Global City. The actress quoted ‘unprofessional’ which later went viral on social media, Wednesday. She was asked by said people to take some photo of her despite having terrible condition and not feeling well, as she had continuous tummy aches.

She felt disappointed upon the action of such people knowing that she herself is a patient in the clinic and must be given medical attention first. Her post caught the attention of many netizens, negative critiques specially from nurses, however supporter defended her saying she is not an artist who came just to visit the clinic but to be treated. Adding that staff and nurses must be professional in their work instead taking pictures of celebrities.

Rica Peralejo stated: “I find it absolutely unprofessional that nurses and staff in the hospital will want to take my photo ONE BY ONE despite the fact that I am here precisely because I am not feeling well. Hospital: St. Luke’s BGC.”, “Done with tests, waiting for results. Time has gone to different people asking me details about the St. Luke’s incident. It did not happen at the ER but on the 8th floor with some of the staff from clinics on that floor. Apparently, they have different policies,”

After her post went viral and issues came up, Peralejo clarifies her post that she assumed women wearing hospital’s official scrubs were nurses. She posted, “So here I am making it clear : NOT NURSES but probably med secs, and I am sorry for not being clear about that!!!”, “Forgive my ignorance for calling medical secretaries nurses in a post stating my discontent with St.Luke’s,” “Some of you were right. I should have immediately clarified those were not nurses and I was not able to do that. The instagram post that I made was not enough to retract the scale of how this just went all over crazy online.”

“I really did not mean to get at you, but more the hospital for policies that allow such but I see that it has gotten out of hand. Intention aside, I accept this was a consequence of an action I could have thought about thrice or four times even before doing,” she added to make everything clear on her side as well as on staff and nurses in said clinic.

Peralejo is a member of Satr Magic in ABS-CBN, started as child star and was part of ABS-CBN’s popular youth oriented variety show Ang TV. She also starred in GMA Network’s T.G.I.S. and move back to Kapamilya network for hit teen oriented drama, Gimik. Aside from acting she also engaged herself into singing and released two solo albums, contributions on soundtracks and compilations. She is also one of Philippine clothing brand, Bench endorser. Currently, Rica Peralejo is a lifestyle columnist for The Manila Bulletin. IMAGE/Rica Peralejo’s Instagram account

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