Lana Del Rey covers V Magazine, talks ‘anti-feminist’ quotes

After quoting issues of feminism, American singer defended herself saying not undermining women.

Lana Del Rey, 30 year-old American singer, songwriter and famous model defended her infamous anti-feminist quote after being criticize by many. The controversial comment of Del Rey first appeared last year in Fader Magazine, June, when she told that she is not really that interested’ in feminism. Currently, she covers V Magazine photographed by Steven Klein for a series of dark, mysterious and haunting portraits.

She is considered as the most streamed female artist on Spotify in the United States and her music noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture. She been into the spotlight after giving comments saying “feminism was not an interesting concept,” in an interview with The Fader in July 2014 followed by her second album which shows passive attitudes to male violence.

“Some people listen to music and they don’t really think about it too much further than that they like to hear it in the car. Some people listen to it and they think, ‘God, that’s appalling, I’m not going to let my daughter listen to that.’ The luxury we have as a younger generation is being able to figure out where we want to go from here, which is why I’ve said things like, Lana Del Rey stated involving her famous ‘anti-feminism’ quote.

She added: ‘I don’t focus on feminism, I focus on the future.’ It’s not to say that there’s not more to do in that area. I’ve gotten to witness through history the evolution of so many movements and now I’m standing at the forefront of new technological movements. I’m not undermining other issues. But I feel like that’s obvious, like I shouldn’t even have to bring that up.”, “I’m more interested in, you know, SpaceX and Tesla, what’s going to happen with our intergalactic possibilities. Whenever people bring up feminism, I’m like, god. I’m just not really that interested.”

In her own point of view, Lana Del Rey sees feminism as not an interesting concept and that what she believes in. However defended her quote insisting it should be obvious she wasn’t undermining women and stressed the idea that the true feminist, is a woman who feels free enough to do whatever she wants. IMAGE/STEVEN KLEIN FOR V MAGAZINE

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