Game of Thrones Wiki: Characters Season 5 Finale

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TV Series-epic fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” taking the lead of contenders for television’s coveted Primetime, the 67th Emmy Awards announced Thursday for a second straight year, Emmy noms in which makes the Game of Thrones Wiki: Characters Season 5 panels excited.

From George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” is brought to the screen as HBO sinks its considerable storytelling teeth into the medieval fantasy epic TV series.

Set in a fictional magical universe that has been referred to so far as “The Known World,” the series follows a civil war for the Iron Throne of the continent of Westeros.

The story-line that is being fought between the rival royal and noble families and their respective supporters.

According to NYTIMES report, Game of Thrones scored more nominations leading the TV Prime-time pack than any other show, 24,bringing HBO to a cumulative total of 126 including a nod for outstanding drama series.

The Game of Thrones season five finale saw the deaths of Stannis Baratheon, Myrcella Lannister and Jon Snow, one hacked to bits by Brienne of Tarth, one poisoned by a Dornish she-snake, one stabbed Caesar-style by his black brothers. I’m sure you can deduce which gruesome end goes with which character, According to its wiki Info.

But now thanks to social media, two of the three characters have had their actors show up to Belfast for the beginning of Game of Thrones season six filming. For complete list of Game of Thrones wiki, Characters Season read more here.

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