Electronic E-cigarettes ban in New York public places

Electronic E-cigarettes ban in New York public places — The council voted to expand the ban on indoor smoking to include Electronic E-cigarettes or E-cigs on Thursday, one of many anti-tobacco measures put in place by city Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

E-cigarettes, battery-operated tubes that simulate the effect of smoking by producing nicotine vapor, e-cigarettes don’t produce the toxic and carcinogenic byproducts found in second-hand smoke. A 2010 study in the British Medical Journal found that “the scarce evidence indicates the existence of various toxic and carcinogenic compounds, albeit in possibly much smaller concentrations than in traditional cigarettes.”

Many of the smokers in survey-based studies continue to smoke cigarettes even when they’ve tried to shift to e-cigarettes, said Seidman. “There’s a health concern if you end up maintaining your addiction. You can’t smoke cigarettes in a lot of public places. This is a marketing strategy for the manufacturers. It keeps the addiction alive.”, according to InsideScience.org.

The Food and Drug Administration is considering regulating the products, according to Bloomberg report. The Food and Drug Administration can’t currently regulate electronic cigarettes because they don’t technically contain tobacco — even though the nicotine in them is derived from tobacco — something that has angered e-cigarette opponents.

The ban say allowing e-cigarettes where traditional cigarettes are banned could “re-normalize” smoking. The electronic cigarette served as a kind of “bridge” that helped people stay away from the real thing, then abandon the electronic cigarettes, too—leaving them smoke-free and nicotine-free.

The public was disappointed with the decision, an aggressive move according public reactions, E-cigarettes don’t bother anyone. There is no smoke. They don’t stink. There are no e-cigarette butts being tossed everywhere. A lot of people are using them to help them quit smoking.

If you transition to e-cigs from regular cigarettes you can start cutting your dosage a little every few weeks until you’re finally just smoking e-liquid with no nicotine and can quit without powerful nicotine withdrawals.