Massive manhunt after shooting of Fox Lake police lieutenant

Authorities conducted manhunt for three men, suspect of killing a police lieutenant.

Police launched a massive manhunt, by air and ground to arrest the three suspects of gunfire, involved in killing an officer, 1 September 2015 in Fox Lake, Illinois. A veteran in service and a good police officer died after pursuing three suspects, killing then received significant attention.

After having gunshot wound, Fox Lake police Officer Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, 52 year-old, married and a father of four later died. He was a 30-year veteran of the department and better known as “G.I. Joe”, who later lost radio contact with authorities during incident.

Lake County Sheriff’s Sgt. Christopher Covelli said, shooting happened about 10 minutes before 8 a.m., after Gliniewicz sent word over his radio that he was pursuing three suspects on foot. “We asked residents to report any suspicious activity they happen to see, whether they think it’s something minor or major and to keep an eye out for these three individuals.” After the gunfire, police were conducting a ground and air search for three suspects, two white men and one black man.

According to authorities, no arrests had been made in the shooting, late Tuesday, however a massive manhunt been continued upon killing Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, known in local law enforcement for his work with aspiring police officers. His colleagues responded, later found him shot in a marshy area near U.S. Highway 12, a main road through town. He died after an encounter with three men, Tuesday morning in Fox Lake.

Sgt. Christopher Covelli told reporters, “His backup arrived shortly thereafter and found him injured with a gunshot wound. The officer has succumbed to his injuries and passed away.” Authorities in Fox Lake continued massive manhunt and have asked for assistance from surrounding police departments and federal agencies. Thorough investigation been also conducted to solve the case, FBI is sending agents to aid in the investigation. IMAGE/Scott Olson/Getty Images

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