UPDATED: Massive anti-government protests spreading across Turkey, Amnesty International have criticized the police response. In 2013, protesters in Ankara’s Kilizay Square hurling rocks at riot police in the latest violent clash. The demonstrators are angry at the government’s use of tear gas and water cannon by security forces against what had been largely peaceful protests […]

Review Babylon Gay Sauna Bangkok - Often considered the world’s most beautiful gay sauna. The Babylon Gay Sauna Bangkok is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the city. The Babylon sauna opened in 1987, and moved to its current location in 2000. I personally liked the original sauna’s layout and decor a bit more, […]

The World as a Mirror - The realization that the world you perceive in every moment is a mirror reflecting yourself back to you can be a shocking discovery. It changes everything for you, especially how you view other people. “Every man’s world picture is and always remains a construct of his mind, and cannot […]

BANGKOK REVIEWS: Gay Bangkok Scene - The gay scene in Bangkok is, in my humble opinion, the very best in the world. Biased though I am toward drop-dead gorgeous Asians, this is no mere idle claim. I have 15 years of research, meticulously conducted through direct personal experience, to back up my opinion. Before I […]

Awesome Bangkok – It’s no surprise that the capital of Thailand remains wildly popular with world travelers. Aside from the grand palace Bangkok, the city itself is just an awesome place in many ways. As someone who lived there for 15 years, I’ll touch on a few of these. First of all, you’re in a huge […]

UPDATED Part 2 of Thailand and Philippines similarities - Now for more of the similarities and differences between Thailand and Philippines. Having lived in Bangkok for 15 years and traveled around the country, I currently find myself in the Philippines for the first time, having arrived one month ago. One thing that immediately got my […]

Magical Journey to Cagayan de Oro - The following article describes my one-day trip to the coastal town of Cagayan de Oro from Valencia City on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines on Thursday, August 6, 2015. Three weeks into my Philippines adventure, and suddenly I feel like Carlos Castaneda in Mexico, under the tutelage […]

Simplify Authentic Happiness Is Your Natural State -Far too many humans live their lives in a state of unhappiness. This is an unnatural state, and becoming happy with your life is much easier than you might think. Your essential being is Prime Source Energy, which is 100% positive. Your Source never feels negative emotions, and […]

Differences between Thailand and Philippines. Now granted, I’ve only been in the Philippines for three weeks, after spending 15 years in Thailand, so my sampling here is severely limited. Also, even though I travelled all around Thailand, my residence was in Bangkok for all of those 15 years. Here in the Philippines, I’ve only been […]

The teachings of Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction —  are widely known and taught by many spiritual teachers these days, but by far the best teaching on the Law of Attraction I’ve ever come across is presented by Abraham Hicks. I discovered the teachers known as Abraham Hicks on youtube in February of 2014 . […]

You’ve no doubt heard the question, If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? This question cuts right to the heart of a common misunderstanding about reality that many humans have. The other day I was talking to someone about quantum physics, and […]

This week the Boy Scouts’ of America ended its blanket nationwide ban on gay adult scout leaders, prompting celebration among many across the United States. By a 45-12 vote, the BSA’s National Executive Board’s decision takes effect immediately, but allows church-sponsored Scout units to continue excluding gay adults for religious reasons. The Mormon church, which […]

It’s odd that many humans live their lives in tremendous fear of death, because the truth is that death is a misnomer. Some societies do everything they can to ignore, repress, or shove any thought of death under the rug. We try to pretend it does not exist, or at least that I will never […]

Contrary to the opinion of Western scientific materialism, Consciousness is the primary reality. This insight can be experienced directly, and has been for thousands of years in many of our most advanced spiritual traditions. When asked what was the one question he most wanted to see answered, the British scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins said […]

You choose whether you experience your surroundings as a magical world or a hostile one. The difference is enormous, and is essentially the difference between happiness and unhappiness. Remember when you were a child, how magical the world seemed to you? Children have recently arrived here from non-physical, and they’re still largely tapped into their […]

The Advantage of Having a Pentecostal Background. In my spiritual journey I have the advantage of having a Pentecostal background, something many would not understand. Allow me to try and explain what I mean. Thee Pentecostal Church-I now consider the 12 years I spent in a Pentecostal church as an advantage. Probably more than any […]

The attempt to control other people is a common phenomenon in our world today. One hears a lot about these so-called control freaks these days. This futile attempt to control others comes from a place of misalignment with your true Self. Those who are in sync with their Higher Self feel no need to control others. […]

Death became my favorite topic in 1997 when I first began reading accounts of near-death experiences. I had been having spiritual experiences, (after death communication) since I was a teenager in the United States, and the NDE accounts resonated deeply with me. Then in 2012 my best friend died unexpectedly at a young age in […]

The physical world is an outer reflection of an Inner Reality. Everything that appears “out there” is ultimately metaphorical. This is also true of all other realities perceived – whether through dreams, visions, spiritual experiences of all kinds, and even the afterlife realms. This is because Ultimate Reality is formless Awareness itself. And it is […]

KFC in Myanmar- Facebook page of KFC In Myanmar reached 120,000 likes. Either we like it or not, global fast food culture landed in Myanmar for the first time.  Hundreds of excited and hungry customers ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Yangon on Tuesday, as Myanmar’s first-ever major U.S. fast restaurant chain opened business […]

BANGKOK—Thailand coup d’etat 2014 roundup: After declaring martial law Tuesday morning, the army chief summoned the top leaders of the government, the protest groups from both sides, and the two main political parties for face-to-face talks. From Insider’s Notebook: On Thursday 22 May 2014, the second day of talks, no breakthrough was in sight and […]

Angry Thai farmers headed to Bangkok airport: A convoy of some 1,000 angry protesting Thai rice farmers are heading to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport from north of the city, according to reports. The farmers are reportedly travelling to Bangkok in a convoy of about 400 e-taen trucks, 50 pick-up trucks, 12 six-wheel trucks, 10 ten-wheel trucks, […]

East vs West: philosophical differences — The Eastern philosophical view of the Divine is radically different from the Western view as found in traditional Judaism, Christianity and Islam. One major difference is that the Western view sees God as the supreme technocrat, and the world as an artifact - something that is “made”. Even Western atheists […]