Gun attack killed childrens and policeman in Roma camp

gun attack

Two children including a six-month-old baby and police officer killed in a shooting at Roma camp.

A gun attack killed three members of the same family in Roma camp, Tuesday. The incident happened after gunman open fire on a Roma traveller camp in northern France, six month old baby was among the said victim of killing. A police officer believed to have die after rushed to hospital, he was injured by the gunman in a their firefight.

A three-year-old child was seriously wounded by the suspect. The gunman has been arrested after he was injured in a firefight with police and was said to be in serious condition. Injured victims were immediately rushed to the hospital after the gun attack.

Prosecutor Francois Molins stated, Gunman identified as Ayoub El Khazzani, denies his attack was terror-motivated. He was carrying 270 bullets for his AK-47 rifle and a bottle of petrol, he was also carrying a Luger pistol and a box-cutter. He had watched a jihadist video on his mobile phone before carrying out the said gun attack.

According to authorities, the suspect is a member of the traveller community in the town of Roye, killed a six-month-old baby, a woman and a man believed to be a grandfather during the attack at 4:30pm, near an Intermarche supermarket.

The circumstances and motive for the killings is still under investigation. Authorities claimed three-year-old child and another policemen were both said to be in serious condition. The toddler went into cardiac arrest and has been put under ventilator support. Local media report child being treated at University Hospital of Amiens, after being seriously injured in the attack in Roma camp, northeastern France on Tuesday. IMAGE/Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

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