“Ex with Benefits” premiers, Coleen Garcia received critiques

The co-host of noontime variety show, with daring role in the sexy romance drama “Ex with Benefits” is on the spotlight.

Coleen Garcia, 22 year-old Filipino-Spanish actress, commercial model and one of the co-hosts of ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show, It’s Showtime, received critiques after starred in new movie “Ex with Benefits” with Derek Ramsay. Currently, she is in relationship with her It’s Showtime co-host Billy Crawford.

Since 2011, Garcia has been under contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Magic group of talents, and now been one of the main cast of the early primetime teleserye Pasión de Amor. She led the role in the Star Cinema movie “Ex with Benefits” premiered 1 September, Tuesday. The movie is directed by Gino Santos and is showing in over hundreds of cinemas nationwide. She is portraying professional medical representative with numerous sexy scenes with leading man Ramsay. This is her most daring role on the big screen which the movie and her received critiques, as her role put med rep in a bad light and understatement the said profession.

Coleen Garcia defended, saying: “It’s not a story about a doctor and a med rep. They may be a doctor and a med rep but it’s really about two ex-lovers coming up together and going through ups and downs. It’s really about their story more than anything. It just so happens that they are a doctor and a med rep.” “I’m thankful that my first love scenes were with Derek. He is such a professional. He guided me during the filming.”

Derek Ramsay, 38 yea-old Filipino-British model, actor, host, and former VJ in the Philippines, the leading man of Garcia in the movie. In 2012, he transferred to TV5 and appeared on his first show The Amazing Race Philippines. His girlfriend Joanne Villablanca attended the premier night of “Ex with Benefits” held at SM Megamall. Ramsay stated regarding sexy scene with Coleen Garcia, “We have scenes where we are kissing passionately and then there would be scenes where we’re just lying in bed, just touching each other’s skin.”

Garcia’s boyfriend Billy Crawford also attended the premier night. Crawford said, “She worked with Derek Ramsay and I’m very, very excited for them. I’m excited for the film,” despite rumors that he might get jealous. Coleen Garcia stated, “When it comes to work, we know each other so well. He supports me all the way,” she said. “I understand that it’s impossible not to feel jealous … but he never lets this get in the way of work. To promote the film, he even posted pictures online. I was so touched by the gesture.” IMAGE/Christopher Toledo

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