PHILIPPINES: Abu Sayyaf, ambush in Sulu killed soldiers

Abu Sayyaf Group allegedly conducted the ambush in Sulu, killing 2 soldiers.

Two soldiers were killed in an ambush at Godines Road, in Barangay Sahaya in Patikul, Sulu province. Allegedly, members of Abu Sayyaf was the responsible of the said ambush, “Lucky 9″ group reaching Sahaya Village. The soldiers from 35th Infantry Batallion riding motorcycle, when suddenly a group of gunmen fired them.

Abu Sayyaf been known for being violent and was responsible for the Philippines’ worst terrorist attack, and been involved in many bombing in the country. They are militant Islamist group based all around Jolo and Basilan islands, southwestern part of Philippines. For many years, they have been engaged in many rebellious actions in the country.

Commander of the Joint Task Group Sulu,Brig. Gen. Alan Arrojado identified the soldiers as Private First Class Bryan Sayson and PCF Rey Lucasan. The two soldiers were both detailed at Alpha Company of the Philippine Army’s 35th Infantry Battalion. They were on their way back to detachment in Latih during the ambush, wearing civilian clothes, riding motorcycle and acquiring pistols. A 10 Heavily armed militants fired on the soldiers, and stole one of their motorcycle and escaped.

In the statement of Capt. Rowena Muyuela, Western Mindanao Command spokesperson , “The two soldiers onboard their service vehicle were returning to camp after buying from the market in Jolo [in Sulu] when two motorcycle-riding fully armed men attacked them, killing them instantly.”

The militant group is on the top list as terrorist group by many countries, including United Nations, Australia, Canada, the UAE, the United Kingdom and the United States. Most of Abu Sayyaf victims were Filipinos, and they usually obtains its financing through ransom and extortion. The group was founded by Abdurajik Abubakar Janjalani. After he died in 1998, his younger brother Khadaffy Janjalani took the position later killed in 2007.

Numerous violent actions of the group was noted. Aside from bombing and ambush attack, they were also known for kidnapping people to ransom. The Al Qaeda had the support of Abu Sayyaf, through their various connections. Speculations on Abu Sayyaf becoming ISIS outpost in Southeast Asia,

Unlike any other Islamic group like Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Moro National Liberation Front, Abu Sayyaf is not recognized by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Abu Sayyaf is taking advantage of the publicity Islamic State. Prior to 2001 “nothing more than a criminal operation”, according to source. IMAGE/

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