Mexico City regulation for ride-sharing apps

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The City created new set of rules for Uber and Cabify to run over taxi driver’s complaint.

Mexico City sets of rules allowing Uber, and other ride-share app

Ride-booking applications like Uber and Cabify  were allowed to run in Mexico City, however, required to have their permit.

New sets of regulations imposed by Mexico City, Wednesday, though some taxi driver beg to disagree.

According to Ruben Alcantara, leader of a large taxi association, said drivers would meet to decide how to respond on the ‘affront and trickery by the government.’

In order to improve taxi services, the new regulation obliged app operators to give percentage from each ride to a special fund.

This Uber entered the city  in year 2013, has grown to thousand of users.

Despite of its supporters, controversial app upset Mexico City taxi organisations. As they claimed the service illegal and  protested in the streets.

Ride sharing app turn over the regulations, Wednesday, says Mexico City as largest in the world to take such step.

The users including drivers and other similar services must register in city’s transportation, later obliged to give vehicles to annual inspections.

They are not allowed to accept cash payment, vehicles must be kept at home.

In a statement,  “Regulation that allows us to continue to offer service that is quality, safe and efficient,” said Luis de Uriarte, Uber spokesman for Mexico and Central America. “We don’t want them putting up any obstacles.”

Complains from Organized Taxi Drivers of Mexico City arose. For them, it’s unfair that its drivers avoid costly licensing and inspections that taxi must undergo to run, as they pushed to regulate Uber.

Its speedy growth created chaos, fierce confrontations with taxi companies and regulators.

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