Chinese woman died in escalator malfunction

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After saving her son, a Chinese woman died in a malfunctioned escalator at a shopping mall.

Escalator malfunction killed 30-year-old Xiang Liujuan at a shopping mall in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, Sunday. The unaware victim reaching the top portion,  section of landing platform suddenly collapsed and  fell under the escalator and been dead on the spot.

She was able to save her two-year-old son after she fell. The mother pushed her son safely and unharmed, metal panel collapses under her feet, later she was found dead. After the incident, rescue workers came up but only recover woman’s body.

In the statement of Ma Peizhong, director of the Chinese National Elevator Inspection and Testing centre saying, CCTV that mall staff probably didn’t receive the proper training to operate the escalators.

China ranks first worldwide in use and production of elevators and escalators, however, an escalator malfunction happened in a mall which killed a Chinese woman instantly. Incident been trending into Chinese social media, safety and precautions of the mall had been questioned.

Head of the work safety bureau of Jingzhou, Chen Guanxin, said Monday night, shopping center staff discovered the panel at the top of the escalator was loose five minutes prior to the accident, but they did not take measures to stop its operation for checks and repairs.

The Chinese woman, was a housewife who had been on a weekend outing with her husband and son. She died on escalator malfunction, seen on security camera footage wearing white shirt and black skirt. She lifts up her two-year-old son to get ready to step off,  quickly pulled by mall employee standing near the top of the escalator.

Incident involving escalator malfunction rises discussion over escalator safety in malls. IMAGE/

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