UnitedHealthcare fights Food Insecurity in Washington

UnitedHealthcare fights Food Insecurity in Washington
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UnitedHealthcare aims to help aims to improve health and health care basically food insecurity in Washington.

UnitedHealthcare focused on the problem faced by Washington, the food insecurities. As the state rank 22nd hungriest in the nation with high percentage for food insecurity.

The Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentives Project  or FINI by the state, offers convenient to people with low-income to healthy fruits and vegetables in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, thus FINI is supported by the UnitedHealthcare.

Food insecurity occurs when families cannot provide and afford to buy healthy foods for the family. However, efforts to improve hunger and food insecurity in Washington over the past few years have had positive effects.

In statement of  CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, Doug Bowes, “People in low-income households are vulnerable to obesity and food insecurity due to limited access to healthy foods”.  “UnitedHealthcare is honored to support the federal and state government FINI initiatives by generating more awareness and access to nutritious foods in the communities we serve.”

In Washington, high percentage of kids battled to have enough food in their homes. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, been into insufficient budget caters its beneficiaries, mostly kids who relies on it.

Good to have UnitedHealthcare ,  helping people nationwide to have a  healthier lives, Just by simplifying health care experience, meeting consumer health and wellness needs. It also aims to  sustain trusted relationships with care providers and been committed more than millions to improve health and health care.

The food insecurity then in Washington is being given much attention. Thus, providing food security as having enough food at all times to meet basic needs for an active healthy life. For Washington to be food-secure, each family or individual needs to get and provide healthy foods in their respective homes.IMAGE/www.businesswire.com

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