Motorola introduced latest smartphones


Motorola revealed its new model of smartphones that will surely captures everyone’s attention as it offers best quality at a very affordable price.

Latest smartphones has been introduced by Motorola. As it is a multinational telecommunication company, giving its best for users satisfaction. Motorola has been known, designed and sold wireless network equipment in a high definition.

Motorola’s main interest is to improve its product, fast charging and more battery life as well as improving core experiences. The latest smartphones has a lot to offer, users satisfaction guaranteed.

In statement of Jeff Miller, head of sales for Motorola , “The Motorola brand remains strong”.  “That’s something we intend to leverage.”

The Moto G, Android smartphone, initially aimed at emerging markets with low price option  available in developed markets.This became Motorola’s best-selling smartphone ever, and was the top selling phone in Mexico and Brazil.

Another one is the Moto X, with the used of special processor.  Has sealed back that is held on with an adhesive unlike Moto G with removable back cover so that users can customize the phone.

As of March this year, company been upgrading handsets, and started releasing Android phones updated for  Google Play Edition. Motorola offers latest smartphones that is so much affordable, fun, life long battery and truly customisable and yet user friendly.

Assured by the company, saying, ‘Stay connected on your commute, at work, at play and whenever you need it most and still have enough battery to get you into the next day’.

Latest one is the  Moto X Style, also known as Moto X Pure Edition in the US. It is an Android smartphone flagship announced along with the Moto X Play,July 28, 2015. This is expected to be available in the market by September 2015.

New model featured high camera capabilities, carrier flexibility at very affordable price. Good thing about this smartphones is that, it never stock much software that will compete what is available in Android. IMAGE/