Thai woman suspect denies link to Bangkok blast

Updated: A Thai woman identified by police as a suspect in the Bangkok blast has denied any kind of involvement in the attack.

Thai police issued two new arrest warrants, including a Thai woman and a foreign man of unknown nationality, and released their images to the media on Monday afternoon in the ongoing investigation of the deadly bombing.

Wanna Suansan, also known by the Muslim name Misaloh, was shocked to be linked with the crime and claimed to be living in Turkey for the last three months. She was the first named suspect in the investigation of the Aug 17 bombing, which killed 20 people at the Erawan shrine.

Wanna, a Thai-speaking Muslim from southern Phang Nga province, had a telephonic conversation with Ibrahim Komkham headman of her village, and told that she left the apartment in June and did not understand why the police thought she was a suspect. She is willing to come back to Thailand to prove her innocence.

According to reports, the 26-year-old had asked the Thai authorities to send her an airplane ticket or cash to buy one so that she could return. She has claimed that she did not have the cash to buy a ticket. The suspected woman was horrified when her friends in Thailand told her that a photograph from her identity card had been circulated to the public.

“I had been here in Turkey for around three months. I have not been to that apartment for almost one year now. I rented it and then my husband’s friend stayed. I don’t know how many people stayed there,” said Wanna Suansa.

No one has claimed responsibility of the blast that shocked the security measures of the Southeast Asian nation. It has been two weeks since the tragedy shattered the dreams of many tourists. Last week, an alleged man was detained in Nong Chok district of Bangkok with a stack of fake Turkish passports. IMAGE/nydailynews

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