Research shows black men more prone to prostate cancer

Black men have twice the risk of prostate cancer than white men, according to a study.

The study conducted by Public Health England and Prostate Cancer UK targeted the Asian, black, and white men in the region to find the prostate cancer incidence and mortality rate among different ethnic groups.

Researchers suggested there is a need to create awareness in the male population especially black men for screening of prostate cancer on regular basis. While the study discovered that Asian men have half the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with and dying from the disease compared to white men.

According to the research team, the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with prostate tumor is approximately one in four for black men, one in eight for white men and one in thirteen for Asian men. That is, the lifetime risk of dying from the carcinoma was one in 12 for black men, one in 24 for white men and one in 44 for Asian men.

Apart from ethnicity, there are number of other risk factors linked to the disease such as older age, body weight, diet, history of STDs and family history of prostate cancer.

The current study did not provide reasons for the increased risk of prostate cancer in black individuals and it is not known why they are at higher risk than others. Although it is believed to be of genetic reasons.

Carcinoma of prostate is the most common malignancy among men, especially in UK and the health experts have predicted this will become country’s most commonly diagnosed cancer overall by 2030. Majority of the cases occur in men older than 50 years and the most common symptoms are painful urination, increased urination at night, difficulty maintaining steady stream of urine, and hematuria.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test is the initial screening for men concerned about prostate cancer but its accuracy is controversial and does not provide mortality benefit. The disease can be diagnosed by biopsy where urologist obtains tissue samples from the prostate gland via the rectum. IMAGE/panoramaonline

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