Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction

Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction

The teachings of Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction —  are widely known and taught by many spiritual teachers these days, but by far the best teaching on the Law of Attraction I’ve ever come across is presented by Abraham Hicks.

I discovered the teachers known as Abraham Hicks on youtube in February of 2014 . While much of these teachings were virtually identical with the insights I’d gained over the years from both study and direct experience, there was a crucial part that filled in a missing link for me. It was what Abraham says about how our physical life fits in with the non-physical reality I’d come to know, experience and love over the years.

Prior to listening to Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction lessons, I basically viewed the physical human-life as something to escape from - and the sooner the better! Though I’d had a lot of fun and enjoyment over the years, I always knew non-physical reality was incomparably greater.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from Abraham is the role emotions play in our physical life. First, a few brief statements to make this more meaningful.

The essence of our Being is non-physical. This greater non-physical part of us is called by many names - the Higher Self, Source, Inner Being, Consciousness, Awareness, the Self, the Soul, Spirit, etc. I use these various terms interchangeably.

Only a small part of your Consciousness is focused in this physical life experience. The greater part of You always remains in non-physical reality. The perspective of the physically-focused part of You is severely limited, unlike the non-physically focused You.

The importance of your emotions cannot be overstated. How you feel is everything. It is your natural, internal guidance system telling you in every moment whether you’re in alignment with your Self/Source or not, that is what Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction clearly states.

Simply put, any time you feel positive emotions it indicates you’re in alignment with your Self - at least on the subject you’re focused on. Any time you feel negative emotions it means you’re out of alignment with your Self - that is, you’re currently looking at something in a very different way from the way your true Self looks at the same subject.

While your thoughts are determining your vibrational point of attraction, it would be difficult to try to monitor your every thought. It’s much easier to simply pay attention to how you feel. When you are feeling positive emotions (such as joy, appreciation, love) you know you’re in alignment. When you feel negative emotions (such as despair, hatred, anger, irritation) you know you’ve gotten out of alignment.

Your Higher Self never feels negative emotions, and when you do it’s just your internal guidance system telling you you’ve gotten off-track. You’re looking at something in a very different way from how your Source knows it to be.

When you look at someone with love or appreciation, it feels good because that’s exactly how your Source looks at them. But when you look at someone with hatred it doesn’t feel good because Source never looks at anyone like that. The negative emotion you feel is a red light going off telling you something is out of whack.

By simply paying attention to your emotions, you can guide yourself through life. As ‘Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction’ often says, do whatever feels good to you as much as possible. It could be anything, like petting your dog or cat. Or getting around nature. Or listening to uplifting music. It makes no difference, just do whatever you can to feel good as much as possible. For starters, this makes life a whole lot more fun.

But there’s even more to this. Not only will this make you feel better and enjoy life much more, it also determines your vibrational point of attraction.

Everything that exists is energy. That includes us. And energy attracts like-energy. So when you’re in alignment with your Source, your point of attraction is high - which means you are a vibrational match and are attracting the energy essence of everything you want to experience in life.

When you are out of alignment, your point of attraction is not a match to what you want to experience in life. You are actually resisting the very things you want to experience.

That’s why some people seem to be getting precisely what they don’t want in life. Their negative thoughts are keeping them in a resistant mode to what they want.

I love how Abraham says that every single thing that every human being wants is for the same reason - we believe that we will feel better in the having of it. It doesn’t matter what it is - a material object, a relationship, a stack of money - all of it is for this same reason. We want to be happy, we want to feel good.

The amazing thing about this is that we can have that feeling we’re looking for in any moment. Simply by tapping into your Source, by being in alignment, automatically produces the better feeling. That feeling, that happiness, that joy, trumps anything else we think we want.

So we achieve the feeling we’re really looking for first. And once that is done, all the other things you want naturally and easily begin to flow straight to you - as a bonus. It will look and seem like magic to you, because the entire Universe really is on your side. It’s a Universe made of energy, and positive energy attracts more positive energy.

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