Death is a misnomer


It’s odd that many humans live their lives in tremendous fear of death, because the truth is that death is a misnomer.

Some societies do everything they can to ignore, repress, or shove any thought of death under the rug. We try to pretend it does not exist, or at least that I will never have to face it. They are death-denying cultures.

But what we call death is surely the greatest misnomer of all. Far from being the worst thing that can happen to us, what we call “death” is actually the most ecstatically joyous experience of all.

In truth, there is no death - just a transition back to non-physical reality from whence we came. Leaving behind all resistance and negativity, and re-merging with the greater part of our Self, it’s an exhilarating experience beyond description.

If we understood what the death experience was, we would lose all fear of it, and along with that would be able to live life as we intended.

The transition back to non-physical is not an unusual or unfamiliar happening. We do basically the same thing every night when we sleep, only we return our consciousness to the physical body in the morning when we awaken. Our conscious mind is generally unable to recall these journeys, or vaguely remembers them as dreams - its attempt to translate non-physical into something that makes sense to our conscious, physically-focused awareness.

Needless to say, it’s a liberating thing to be free from the fear of death. After all, it’s the only event that we can be 100% certain we will experience. It’s how all of our human-life dramas will end. Game Over. The actor exits the stage, takes off the costume, and ceases acting out the role of the character.

“Death - the last sleep? No, it is the final awakening.” - Sir Walter Scott

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