Havana Cuba Internet Access, first wifi hot spot installed

Cuba Internet Access installed in Havana, authorities have launched its first public Wi-Fi hot spots along main avenue that is the heart of the capital’s cultural and social life.

An open wifi in Cuba was announced last month for the free access of internet in the street of  Havana.

Wifi hot spot  is being launched in order to attract eager users to have internet connection over a wireless local area network through the use of a router connected to a link to an Internet Service Provider.

According to the International Telecommunication Union,  in  Cuba only few households had internet access in the year 2013 in where it claims to be one of the lowest figures in the world in terms of internet connection.

Most of the  people eager to use connections sat on stairs and keep on tapping their gadgets such as phones, laptops and tablets, many of this are the young ones.

After launching the free wifi hot spot, Cubans use their mobile devices to connect to the Internet via wifi , a so called street free internet data.

Last December, US President Barack Obama announced to install free internet access for the island as one of the goals of the historic thaw between Washington and Havana.

Government had promise to give continuous support in the connectivity options in Cuba that the internet revolution has largely passed by and the Etecsa as the State telecom monopoly says in mid-June that it would open 35 such hot spots around the island.

The street which known locally as “The Ramp” for its gentle uphill slope from the sea.

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