Thai High school deputy director forced to transfer

A high school deputy director who smacked a student and humiliated him in front of other pupils has been transferred to a new school in Nakhon Ratchasima province of Thailand.

Isoonpiyathorn Juthatham, deputy director at Soeng Sang School, slapped a student around the head and forced him to remove his trousers in presence of other teenagers. The alleged school staff was suspended after a video went viral showing him administering his punishment. The transfer comes after an investigation found him guilty of using an inappropriate show of force.

The director of the Secondary Education Chukiet Viset-sena said that at first he did not want to be transferred. But for the sake of appropriateness, the teacher later accepted the transfer. Mr. Isoonpiyathorn will be relocated to a small high school in tambon Chorakhe Hin in Khon Buri district of the same province.

In addition, he will keep his position as deputy director at the new school and the move will take effect on 7th of September. The local authorities are considering imposing further disciplinary action against him, based on his lack of ethics and impolite behavior towards students.

Mr. Isoonpiyathorn dragged himself into a big mess after he punished the Mathayom 5 student in a burst of anger. The youngster was among a group of students who were demonstrating against a school policy, charging them 200 baht each to fund its mobile SMS service. The protesting students refused to disperse that led to the deputy director outrageous behavior.

The fellow students recorded the incident on their mobile phones and one of them posted the footage on the internet. The eyewitnesses of the incident labeled the teacher’s actions aggressive. The teacher apologized to the student’s parents and admitted he had make a mistake. Thus, the parents dropped the lawsuit against the deputy director of the institute. IMAGE/bangkokpost

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